Free Seminar Raising Children in More Than One Language - SUN 19 NOVEMBER 2017

A FREE seminar on bilingualism and multilingualism Raising children in more than one language is a very important process. There are many positive strategies that can be employed. The presentations in this seminar discuss issues in raising children bilingually, show you how to recognise your child’s needs in the language and provide you with important tools to foster your child’s language learning and maximise the advantages available to you. Includes free afternoon tea!

Where: The SPOT 198 Berkeley St, The University of Melbourne
Time: 1:15-5pm (registration from 12:30pm)
Speakers: Dr Susanne Dopke, Prof John Hajek, Dr Edith Nicolas, Dr Averil Grieve
This event is organised and presented by: The Research Unit for Multilingualism and Cross-Cultural Communication (RUMACCC) of the School of Languages and linguistics at The University of Melbourne, with the support of Community Languages Australia, the Ethnic Schools Association of Victoria, and the Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET). The Raising Children in More Than One Language seminar is supported by the Victorian government.

Awards Night

At the conclusion of the school year each student is presented with a medallion for their committment to learning the Spanish language. Students are presented with their end of year reports and a visit from Santa brings smiles to everyone as he offers each student a small gift. 


Bilingualism has huge cognitive and practical benefits: it improves attention, benefits reading, fosters school performance and engagement, enhances empathy, and promotes diversity and integration. In addition, bilingualism literally changes the brain, to the point that, later in life, it provides some protection against the effects of neurodegeneration associated with cognitive decline and dementia.*