Spanish Teachers

Meet our Teachers 

Our teachers are all native Spanish speakers, each with appropriate qualifications for teaching the Spanish language at primary and secondary levels.

Learn more about our teachers.

Angela Gallego Martinez

I most enjoy sharing my culture with the kids. Learning a language is to learn about other countries and about our communities here.

Originally from Bogotá, Colombia.

Qualifications: Normalista Superior (pre-school and primary teaching) from Normal Maria Montessori

Other languages: English, signing language and Braille.

Work and career: Coordinator of After School Care.

Interests: Practicing sign language and dancing Salsa.


Carlos Franco

Each student at the school is given personal attention so that they can learn at their own pace. I find rewarding when children leave school after Friday sessions with a sense of accomplishment and pride.

Originally from Lima, Peru.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Education. Licentiate in Spanish Language and Literature Teaching.

Other languages: English, Portuguese and Italian.

Work and career: Academic positions as Head of Faculty and Assistant Professor, as well as advisor on language curricula.

Interests: Music, dance and cooking.


Eva María Gil Guerrero

I have a passion for teaching and enjoy creating learning environments that build students' knowledge of Spanish. Escuela Hispanoamericana offers the local community a fantastic opportunity to learn the language and promote Spanish culture.

Originally from Valencia, Spain.

Qualifications: Master of Arts in History & Certificate in Teaching Skills, University of Valencia. Bachelor of Arts in Geography and History, National Distance Education University, Spain.

Work and career: Over 10 years as a Secondary School Teacher for the Spanish Department of Education.

Other languages: English and Valencian (similar to Catalan). Some French and German.

Interests: Reading history and travelling.


Fernanda Felipe

Children learn best when they feel part of a broader family and identify with each other. There is a strong sense of belonging at Escuela Hispanoamericana, which makes teaching here especially satisfying.

Originally from Puerto Belgrano, Argentina.

Qualifications: Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Second or Foreign Language, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional; Degree in Sworn Translation, Universidad de Belgrano; Degree in Technical, Scientific and Literary Translation, E.N.S. en Lenguas Vivas S.E.B. de Spangenberg.

Other languages: English and some French.

Interests: Husband and a very cute dog.




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